Kellen Adult Race Suit - Blue
Kellen Adult Race Suit - Blue

Kellen Adult Race Suit - Blue

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SYNC Performance Kellen Adult Ski Race Suit. Blue

The most important part of any ski race suit is the fabric. SYNC Performance Race Suits are built with Schoeller e3 Protection Fabric. Schoeller, a swiss textile manufacturer, is widely recognized for their innovation in high performance fabrics, and well-known as a pioneer in Alpine and Nordic race wear fabrics with a rich history of providing the fabrics for the world’s best athletes.

Technical Details

  • Eschler 3 layer Anti-Pill e3 Protection fabric
  • Anatomically designed, 8 panel construction contoured fit.
  • Laser cut panels
  • Precision stiching
  • Inside data card pocket
  • Front Stretch Zipper
  • Thumb Anchors
  • Secure Elastic Gripper Hem
  • Custom Print Design
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Conforms to FIS Specifications CS 2015
  • FIS Compliant to 30ML test. FIS Logo printed on left leg
  • Strategically placed removable ISOARMOR padding on the arm, back, and legs for ultimate protection
  • Adult sizing

Eshcler e3+ Protection Fabric

E3 Protection is Schoeller’s state of the art polyurethane foam laminate knitted fabric with a proprietary outer coating. They’ve created a unique wind and water-repellent finish that offers superior protection from the weather while also being uniquely resistant to the mechanical wear associated with ski racing. “It certainly is a hard task to fulfil: the demand of comfortable sportswear fabrics, which simultaneously offer robustness and durability – even with extreme rubbing friction. Eschler has put much pioneering work in uniting the contradictive requests,” Eschler says.

Performance through Comfort

The result is a more comfortable, better performing suit that lasts longer and does not develop those pesky little pills, the nemesis of racers worldwide. With its superior stretch qualities, Eshler's highly elastic knitwear is extremely popular because of its excellent breathability and outstanding wind protection. Adding and advanced hydrophobic outside coating to the already state of the art fabric, SYNC Performance is able to produce a suit that has best of class wind and water repellency with very good air permeability ensuring circulation for optimal breathability with a high wearing comfort coming from the perfect fit thanks to the elascity of the fabric. And because of their attention to the durability requirement, it doesn’t pill. Bonus.

Athlete driven designs

All SYNC suits are collaborations between our athletes and graphic team, so you get a 100% racer driven product from technical features to style. Our suits are designed to perform to whatever level you take it.

Size Guide

 Individual Height Weight Chest Inseam Suit Size Preference Impact Top Size Preference
Male 5'10" 150 30" Large Large
Female 5'4" 120 33" 27" Small Small
Female 5'3" 135 35" 27" Small Medium
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
57 - 63
85 - 115
64 - 67
116 - 150
68 - 70
151 - 175
70 - 73
176 - 199
73 - 75
200 - 224+